Pick & Place Robotic

DOS 0800 - Flex-picker - makes your perfect product even better.

The system is used to upgrade your product with e.g. whole almonds on a fruit bar, chocolate beans on a protein bite or similar carrier goods (chocolates, cookies, tarts, and many more). The bulk goods can also be various types of nuts, dragees, wine gums or freezdried fruits. The requirement for processing is a smooth surface in order to place the bulk material perfectly with the pneumatic vacuum grippers. The system can be expanded to up to 6 Flex Pickers.

DOS 0800

Pick & Place Robotic


Technical Details

+ fully automatic mode of operation
+ for medium and large production capacities
+ working width 800 mm
+ dimensions: approx. 3.300 x 3.000 x 2.500 (LxWxH in mm)



+ integration into existing production chains possible
+ up to 500 pieces per minute
+ flexible 1-6 picker possible
+ view from all sides to the working area

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