Innovatively incorporating healthy living into cereal bar manufacturing
M-Technology by K&S
8. August 2017
70 years of K&S
22. February 2018

Innovatively incorporating healthy living into cereal bar manufacturing


With consumers wanting less sugar and more healthy goodness in their food, cereal bar manufacturers Krüger & Salecker devised the required machinery in order to pander to the market – and did so in style.

An area that has become increasingly important in recent years covers machines for bakeries and producers of health food. The moulding machines for the production of biscuits or cereal bars and belt sprinklers, rum ball processing lines prepared for large-scale industrial production, are all produced in Schwartau, northern Germany.

Following the corporate principle of innovation, Krüger & Salecker launched a “state-of-the-art”, new technology “GFT/ GFW” for moulding cereal mixes – such as bars, bites, crispies, and spherical products in 2007.

This was a project with a customer in Germany, who wanted cereals bars with less sugar as binder, and with a gentle forming. His wish was also for no cutting as a result, with complete nuts in his cereal bar. The first GFT 0400 was built short after the year 2008 for an Australian company, while 2016 started the serial production of 2 machine types – the GFT and the moulding machines MFT (for pasty masses like marzipan or fruit bars).

They also had special requirements on the technic, so the project “granola-moulding machine“ was growing with the customers. Fast-forward to 2017 at the Interpack trade show in Cologne, Germany, and we had the launch of the 3rd generation of the G-Technology, with the focus on hygienic design, cleaning out of place, and optimisation of the machine handling.
Due to the consistent development of Krüger & Salecker in respect to shaping and processing of food, they provide a unique technology to their clients, which enable them to move forward from the classic cereal bar – which is quite limited in shape, thickener and binding agents. New forms and sugar or fat-reduced binder agents are just a few benefits of this technology, which allows launching innovative products of the future.

Another result of the consistent development of Krüger & Salecker Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG relates to the shaping and processing of food, as we provide a unique technology
to our clients, that provides the possibility to disengage from the classic cereal bar. New forms and sugar and/or fat reduced thickeners are just some benefits of this technology. In conclusion, our technology allows you to launch innovative products of the future.

Less sugar, less calories -cereal moulding machines from Krüger & Salecker Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG

The current challenge for food manufacturers is, more than ever, to produce individual, healthy and nutritious snacks, which should also be loved by the consumers. In this case,
the phrase ‘less is more’ is very relevant. Nuts, seeds, dried fruits and berries, as well as various grain varieties, already offer a great diversity of taste.
Not only sweet snacks are of great popularity, but more innovative snack products – such as those with sea salt, chilli or matcha – are increasingly found on the market and creates new trend foods. But whether snack or sweet, a snack as an intermediate meal should bring these qualities: it must taste good and be quickly consumed.
With Krüger and Salecker cereal machines, you have almost no limits. With their special technology and modern engineering skills, it is possible to shape your products from cereals in a gentle way, without a cutting process.

The interplay of their technology and special product-compatible binder also allows to work with only a little percentage of binder – compared to conventional products on the market. This makes your product low calorie and low sugar/sugar-free, with its full and natural taste.
The modular principle of the machines also provides you a quick change between the motif without long production breaks. With Krüger & Salecker cereal moulding machines, you can produce quickly, gently, efficiently, individually and innovatively. The possibilities for their machines and their products are almost limitless. You can also work with different shapes like bars, domes, stars, spherical products and many more on the K&S machines.

GFT / GFW – for cereal or muesli bars, bites,
clusters or balls

The machines are designed to process cerealbased products. Various types of binder agents can be used to form the cereal mix into shape – directly, gently and efficiently – using a moulding station, without any cut and almost no waste. The unique technology offers versatile options of moulding motifs.
Due to a very fast changeover time, production can switch from round to rectangular items within minutes. In comparison to a conventional slab former, this product line stands out due to its compact size and intuitive operating interface. The specialised K&S technology permits considerable reduction of binder content, so that health food products are a target group
for this type of machine.

Benefits of K&S GFT /GFW machines:

• Gentle forming without cutting
• No waste during production
• No oil exiting from nut components,
as no cutting damage occurs
• Fully automatic production
• Short changeover times and a
large variety of shapes possible
• Simple and quick cleaning
• Touch-screen operation and recipe
• Optionally available with baking
tray transport system
• Space-saving equipment
• Wide range of product shapes
possible, partly even 3-D forms
• All known types of binding
agents can be used
(sugar, fat, fruit)
Krüger & Salecker has
its own well-equipped
laboratory, which
is very often used
by the customer’s
product development
departments in order
to test the production
under real conditions,
and with professional
knowledge of their
technicians. This
makes the way to the
right machine easier.

Krüger & Salecker is one of the leading manufacturers of moulding machinery for the food processing industry in Europe. The company was founded 1948 by Robert Krüger and Heinrich Salecker, under very hard conditions. The history of Krüger & Salecker begins in a cellar workshop in the German capital of marzipan, Luebeck.
In 2003, Joerg Maskow took over K&S and restructured the company in 3 divisions (1st moulding machines, 2nd friction lining machines for automation, 3rd special machines).

The focus today is on the processing and moulding of cereals/granola, marzipan and similar pastes such as fondant, fruit pastes, fudge and doughs. Today, the K&S moulding machines find their professional use in various markets and their requirements – such as, milk, animal feed, meat and even the chemical- pharmaceutical industry! The growth of K&S can be rated with > 10% a year as very pleasing. K&S sells machines to almost every country in the world. The main markets are Europe, Japan, South Africa, Canada and the United States.



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