Fruit gummies from pure fruit puree
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22. January 2020

Fruit gummies from pure fruit puree

“Back to the roots” is probably the remark that fits the current thinking best. Comparable to the withdrawal from social media as a “digital detox”, the trend is also back to purity in the food and confectionery sectors. Organic, natural confectionery without artificial additives and long list of ingredients on the back of the packaging.

A new development by the German machine manufacturer Krüger & Salecker can do just that: produce sweets from natural ingredients without using the chemical laboratory. “With our new technology, manufacturers can use pectin from apples and pears, for example, to make delicious fruit gummies from pure fruit puree,” says Managing Director Jörg Maskow. The pectin provides the necessary consistency of the end products, which have a unique soft bite and an intense fruit taste. Gelatin or other animal products are no longer necessary. “That makes the fruit gums from our machines vegan. Even halal and kosher confectionery can be produced in this way”.
The cooked fruit mass is fed into the machine via a hopper, which uses a tempered molding process to produce individually shaped sweets. The integrated, cooled discharge belt picks up the fruit gummies and cools them down immediately after shaping, thus ensuring the stability of the product. And all this without long production and cooling times or the conventional dust from corn starch. “With this new development in our portfolio, we are responding to the customer needs of natural and organic candy for the confectionery industry,” said Jörg Maskow. Depending on the product size, up to 233,000 fruit gums can be produced per hour.


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